Monday, August 23, 2010


Welcome to The Exciting Adventures of Oshee and Omi! We'd like to take this chance to thank Miss Gabby for naming this blog -- with her toddler-naming abilities. Oshee and Omi have real names, maybe you've met them in real life, or maybe not. Here, they will be Oshee and Omi.

Oshee is 4 years and 4 months old. She's cuddly, smiley, amazing little girl. She's got blonde hair, moss green eyes with some gold tint, and a love for her dolly Kristen (who has been renamed since Momma bought her 15 years ago -- Kirsten). She loves her little sister, but can get very rough. She likes to push the envelope and has been known to clothesline her little sister [and promptly get in trouble, FYI]. Give her a minute though, and she's back to loving on her sister.

Omi is 16 months old. She's also a cuddler, even more than her big sister. She's also blonde, but looks bald. Her eyes are somewhere between Oshee's moss green and the blue she was born with. She's her Momma's *adrenaline junky*. There's nothing she won't climb on, jump from, and attempt. She's already been to the ER [ED, A&E] twice. Momma hopes to never go back again!

Welcome to Oshee and Omi's blog! They are moving from New Zealand to the USA this week. This blog will chronicle their adventures for them, and for their friends.