Monday, December 27, 2010


Chuck, who is nearly 3, is the girls only cousin on this side of the family.

These were taken on Thanksgiving. Mommy was trying to get some photos for Gramma's Christmas present. She bribed and coaxed, but this was the best Oshee, Omi, and Chuck could offer.

Once upon a warmer time :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LouLou and Little Man

Oce and Omi's Daddy is working with Mr D these days, and his kids are Lou Lou and Little Man (there's older boys too, but they don't spend much time with Oce and Omi because they're "big boys").

One day, Oce and Omi [and Momma] got up very early, so they could ride to work with Daddy and spend the day playing at the D-house! It was a very fun day and they were glad to meet some new friends!

Just last week Oce and Omi went to their house again to eat Chinese food and play while the Mommas and Daddies watched a movie together.

Oce and Lou Lou are about the same age and they had a great time playing princesses! There were even high heels to wear!

Omi and Little Man are 6 months apart (LM is older) and they had great fun too! Their favorite game is putting diapers (clean ones) all over the floor. They picked them up later though. What good helpers!

Here's a few pictures of our fun day with Lou Lou and Little Man!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hershey's Chocolate World

We happen to live a few minutes drive from Hershey Park - an amusement park built by the Hershey Chocolate plant.

Chocolate World is a short ride that shows us all about how chocolate is made! Every time we've visited (even before we were born Daddy took Momma there!) we go. It's a short ride, it's free, an at the end they give you a chocolate bar! It cannot be beaten for cheap, fantastic entertainment.

When our friends Prince Charming and MopTop came with their Madre (Italian word for Momma), we went together.

Oce and Prince Charming make a great pair (Prince Charming's about 4 months older than Oce). MopTop was really kind and shared his cold with all of us. He and Omi did well together too (Omi is 2 weeks older than him).

The ride is very dark, so Momma's camera wasn't cooperating. But we had a few from Prince Charming's Madre's camera! We had a really fun time, and we can't wait till we see Prince Charming and MopTop again soon!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oshee and Omi Fly

Oshee and Omi are not new to flying. In fact, they've flown a grand total of 6 times (*trips, not flights*). They did fairly well, but neither of them likes to sleep on airplanes.

Things they did on the plane:

Ate snacks

Colored in their new coloring books (and the wall at Chicago O'Hare)

Read books

Played with playdough (and ground it in the Chicago O'Hare carpet)

Cried, complained, and laughed.

It was a good trip, overall. :) They're pretty good travelers.

Coming soon: Meet Oshee and Omi's friends!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Welcome to The Exciting Adventures of Oshee and Omi! We'd like to take this chance to thank Miss Gabby for naming this blog -- with her toddler-naming abilities. Oshee and Omi have real names, maybe you've met them in real life, or maybe not. Here, they will be Oshee and Omi.

Oshee is 4 years and 4 months old. She's cuddly, smiley, amazing little girl. She's got blonde hair, moss green eyes with some gold tint, and a love for her dolly Kristen (who has been renamed since Momma bought her 15 years ago -- Kirsten). She loves her little sister, but can get very rough. She likes to push the envelope and has been known to clothesline her little sister [and promptly get in trouble, FYI]. Give her a minute though, and she's back to loving on her sister.

Omi is 16 months old. She's also a cuddler, even more than her big sister. She's also blonde, but looks bald. Her eyes are somewhere between Oshee's moss green and the blue she was born with. She's her Momma's *adrenaline junky*. There's nothing she won't climb on, jump from, and attempt. She's already been to the ER [ED, A&E] twice. Momma hopes to never go back again!

Welcome to Oshee and Omi's blog! They are moving from New Zealand to the USA this week. This blog will chronicle their adventures for them, and for their friends.